Dr. Karina Vold is a philosopher of cognitive science and artificial intelligence & an assistant professor at the University of Toronto's Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

upcoming talks

> 4 March, 2022 | Speaker Series, Department of Philosophy, Western University
> 25 March, 2022 | Human Rights, Data, and Algorithms Kitchen Tables, Schwartz-Reisman Institute for Technology and Society
> 4-6 April, 2022 | Keynote Speaker, Humanity and its tools: Utopia or Apocalypse? 12th Annual Philosophy Graduate Conference, Department of Philosophy, York University

recent writing & research

> Special Issue on After Covid-19: Crises, Ethics, and Socio-Technical Change Forthcoming, 2022. IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society

> Believing in Black Boxes: Must Machine Learning in Healthcare be Explainable to be Evidence-Based? Forthcoming, 2021. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. With L. McCoy, C. Brenna, S. Chen, and S. Das.

> Special Issue on Responsible Digital Health. Forthcoming, 2021. In Frontiers in Digital Health. With N. Ahmadpour, G. Ludden, & D. Peters.

> How Does AI Pose an Existential Threat? 2021. Oxford Handbook on Digital Ethics, Oxford University Press, C. Veliz (Ed). With D. Harris.

> AI Extenders and the Ethics of Mental Health. 2021. In Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Brain and Mental Health, Springer’s Advances in Neuroethics Book Series. With J. Hernández-Orallo.

> Can Consciousness Extend? 2020. Philosophical Topics, 48(1), pp. 243-264.

> Supporting Human Autonomy in AI Systems: A framework for ethical enquiry. 2020. In Ethics of Digital Well-being. Philosophical Studies Series. With R. Calvo, D. Peters, and R. Ryan.

> Extended Mathematical Cognition: External representations with non-derived content. 2020. Synthese, 197(9), 3757-3777. With D. Schlimm.

> Responsible AI - Two frameworks for ethical design practice. 2020. IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society, 1(1): 34-47. With D. Peters, D. Robinson, and R. Calvo.

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> Winter 2021 | HPS300H: The Limits of Machine Intelligence
> Fall 2021 | HPS100H: Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science
> Winter 2022 | HPS4011H: Seminar on Cognitive Technologies
> Winter 2022 | COG345H1: Cognitive Science and Society

> Fall 2022 | | HPS100H: Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science
> Fall 2022 | HPS255H: The History and Philosophy of Artificial intelligence
> Winter 2023 | HPS340H: The Limits of Machine Intelligence

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